Over the years, this class, which has been international and inter-disciplinary in nature, has published a unique body of research portraying the latest examples of how digital media is implemented across the globe. Over the semester this research is compiled, edited, and posted in a class wiki. These wikis have been cited and circulated in a number of policy circles and academic publications. This approach allows students to experience the “creative commons” model that underlies much of the new digital culture, as well as to explore their individual research interests. Class research and discussion will build on past region-specific research on digital media in China, the Arab world, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America.

Past Years' Wikis are listed below:

2012 -Mobile Tech in Global Politics, Telemedicine, Trends in Digital Narratives, Public Health, and Education in Development

2011- Education and Crowdsourcing, Africa Investigates, New Media and Social Movements,Wikimedia and the Arab world

2010- Global Call to Action Against Poverty, Mobile Phones and Maternal Health, Mobile M&E, New Media in Electoral Campaigns and New Media in Education

2009- Animal Politico, China's ICT Policy and Rural Development, E-governance, Mapping Climate Change 2.0, The Community-Based information system

2008- Human Rights Documentation and Advocacy, Online Adaptation, Transcending Boundaries, New Media Security and Crime, Cognitive Issues

2007- Web 2.0 and social networking, Innovative uses of Cell Phones, New Approaches to Broadcasting, Platforms