Last updated Nov 17-- Joel

For October 23:
Four Authors Respond to the Social Networking Controversy
Conversation with Pippa Norris on Cosmopolitan communications
Earthwatch: Diversity in the Age of Globalization
"Cognitive Issues" Section from 2008 class wiki
Cognitive Lit Review
Review Book: The Networked Nonprofit by Kanter and Fine (find and buy or
view full text, available from the Columbia library)

For October 30:
More than iPads in the classroom
Challenge of Digital Media in the Classroom
BBC Janala
An Evaluation (start around page 33)
One Laptop Per Child- Nick Negroponte's presentation (1:30-6:03)
Literature Review of Evaluations in Different Settings
Mark Warshauer's Critique
Scaling Mobile for Development

*NYTimes Article Relevant to many topics discussed thus far. Submitted by Melissa Persaud*: No Child Left Untableted

For November 6:
New Yorker on Wikipedia
Read a few articles on Deletionpedia
TED Talk by Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales(20 min video, transcript is below video for time-strapped people who read quickly)
"Web 2.0" Introduction
PBS on Wikipedia's Campus Initiative
Tech@State: Wikimania 7/2012 (Long video. Watch from 7:00 to 55:00)

*** Added Nov. 1:

For November 13:
Compare the following: Making Media More Effective and ICT4D 2.0
Apply those to the following:
Knight News Challange 2009 winners
Innovation and Best Practice in Mobile Tech4Dev

For November 20:
How YouTube Changes Everything (Fortune Magazine, link coming soon?)
Witness Report
Interview with Sam Gregory (pdf, link fixed 11/17)
Look over
Syria "Our Weapon was a Camera"
Kony 2012 (30 min Video) Also,
Witness' Sam Gregory on Kony

For November 28, choose one of the following books for the Thanksgiving break:
Consent of the Networked, by Rebecca MacKinnon (China expert)
Net Delusion, by Evgeny Morosov (strong on former Soviet bloc)

Your iBrain, by Gary Small

Arts and education:
You Are Not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier (godfather of virtual reality, background in world music)
The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr
Hamlet's Blackberry, by William Power
Cult of the Amateur, by Andrew Keen (background in classical music)
InnovationWhere Good Ideas Come From, by Steven Johnson
Cognitive Surplus, by Clay Shirky

(You can propose a different book but it will need Prof. Nelson's approval.)