As a team, we will be exploring the uses of technology as a tool for behavioral change communication and advocacy. More specifically, how new media can be used to give a voice to vulnerable populations around the world - such as women, LGBT, and PLWHIV.

What is Behavioral Change?

Tools for Behavioral Change:
Awareness Campaigns
Information Dissemination
Participatory Communication

We hope to present some of the most effective programs currently being implemented and propose new ideas or expansion plans to fill gaps in the field.

Social media to address bonded labor in India (Divya)

HIV Innovations and LGBTI Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa (Terry)

Empowerment through Technology in Africa (Melissa)

Online Philanthropy in China(Wei)

Our Team
Mélissa Persaud: MIP2111 | Divya Nair: DN2315 | Wei Wang: WW2317 | *Terry Roethlein: TKR2001