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Xinhua News Agency, the biggest Chinese agency and a state-owned one, has established more than 20 bureaus in the continent. In 2008, it launched the China African News Service while in April 2011 it teamed up with telecommunications firm Safaricom to start a mobile newspaper in Kenya.
And now, China's media strategy in Africa has taken a step further by providing customer-oriented news offerings and poaching some of the best journalistic talents to bring African news to the continent and to the world.

“Xinhua's major forms of intervention in Africa include setting up bureaus, developing news portfolio targeting African audiences, exchanging news with (or selling news wires to) African media subscribers, and providing technical equipment and support as well as training African journalists. The first two forms of intervention have been on top of Xinhua's agenda in recent years and will be the focus of this article. The increasing presence of Xinhua in Africa sheds some light on the debate on ‘media imperialism’ and international news flows in the context of China's economic rise.” [1]

China Daily
"China News Africa Edition": Founded in 2012, the weekly newspaper covers Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana and other African countries is important, the reader, including African countries government agencies, the business community, the main think tanks, universities, international organizations and the African multinational corporations, non-diplomatic personnel stationed.

People's Daily

It established a branch in South Africa in 2011 and signed agreement with local New Times
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