Welcome to the SIPA New Media and Development Communications Class Wiki, Fall 2013

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New Media and Development Communication is a graduate research seminar, taught by Professor Anne Nelson since 2007. The course takes a broad view of how the advances in communications technology are affecting societies, and the interventions that can enhance their social benefit in a development context. This class looks at new trends in media and development from multiple perspectives, including international media development, activism and advocacy.

Over the semester, students from a dozen countries conduct extraordinary research on media issues in a dozen languages -- acquiring hands-on experience creating wikis and working with crisis mapping and other platforms in the process.

The course stresses the actual utility of media development projects -- that is, how media can help people and contribute to social goals -- as well as examining how social utility can be measured. It utilizes research to challenge some of the frequent misconceptions regarding the role of media in developing countries, and present fresh, practical insights and options for the media development agenda.

The annual wiki represents the culmination of this course, split into several team projects. Projects range from collections of related individual research projects to the results of a direct consultancy with NGOs working in this field on the ground.

Take the time to explore these pages, and you will find fresh research and ideas spanning globe, addressing issues ranging from the use of video for HIV education to recommendations for digital training for Haitian youth.

Below you can find links to each of the team projects, as well as a list of team members.

Haiti and Digital Approaches for Community Development (project in collaboration with Kara Lightburn and The Haiti Initiative)
Jefferson Mok jm3820
Joel Putnam jrp2186
Alyssa Mesich amm2382
Jessa Cruz mac2367
*Cicie Jean cgj2109

Chinese Investment in ICT in Africa
Mengting Shui ms4552
*Christina (Yuting) Feng yf2266

Fomenting Digital Grassroots Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in Colombia, Brazil, and Morocco
*Samir Hamra smh2222
Maggie Liu mml2192
Maria Ximena Alvarez mxa2101
Sara Kadaoui sk3723

Technology and Behavior Change:
Melissa Persaud mip2111
Divya Nair dn2315
Wei Wang ww2317
*Terry Roethlein tkr2001

Digital Strategies to Promote Public Policy and Public Health in Latin America:
*Douglas Gomez deg2149
Dariela Sosa dms2246
Fernando Severino fs2460